Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance

business people meeting in a group

Group insurance coverage is designed to insure the life of employees while they are working for a company or to insure them against disability, either in the short term or the long term. There are no individual underwriting requirements.

Group life insurance is often offered to as an employee “perk.” The employer owns the “master contract” for the group and the employees may or may not have to pay for the coverage. The coverage per person is far lower than on an individual basis. Essentially, the employer is paying a “wholesale” rate, keeping individual premiums low.

Group life insurance is very good to have for underlying other life insurance coverage. Although, the offered limits are generally lower than needed, they can often can be increased as long as the employee pays the additional premium. Some policies allow the employee to take the coverage with him, meaning it is “portable”.

JWA is an experienced resource for all businesses and can help set up a progressive plan for groups of all sizes.

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