Casualty (Liability) Insurance

Casualty (Liability) Insurance

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Commercial general liability insurance is a comprehensive policy that covers claims of damage and injury caused by the business. It covers bodily injury, personal injury (including libel and slander), property damage, and advertising injury. This is generally bought as a standalone policy in conjunction with a property policy and the limits can be customized.

It is a critical policy to purchase as it protects the business’s assets. In this litigious society, it provides a safety net as the value of judgments has increased steadily over the years. It is also recommended that a commercial umbrella policy be bought as extra coverage as the general liability limits may be deemed too low.

JWA can package all of the appropriate coverages and ensure there are no gaps in coverage or ambiguous terms and conditions.

John Wiltshire Insurance Agency offers Casualty (Liability) Insurance policies for the greater New York City area. If you’re looking for Casualty (Liability) insurance in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island or the Bronx, JWA has a Casualty (Liability) insurance policy customized for your needs. We also provide Casualty (Liability) insurance policies for businesses on Long Island, Westchester, and the Hamptons. JWA Casualty (Liability) insurance policies on Long Island, Westchester, and the Hamptons provide protection and peace of mind. Contact John Wiltshire Agency for all your Casualty (Liability) insurance in New York City including NYC, Brooklyn and Queens, Westchester, Long Island and the Hamptons.