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Personal Insurance
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We Insure NYC - Brooklyn - Queens - Westchester - Long Island - The Hamptons

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Personal Insurance

Homeowners Insurance
Car Insurance
Condo Insurance
Co-op Insurance
Renters Insurance
Flood Insurance
Motorcycle Insurance

We Insure NYC - Brooklyn - Queens - Westchester - Long Island - The Hamptons

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Business Insurance

Property Insurance
Casualty Insurance
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Contractors & Builders Insurance
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Cyber Risk - Internet Liability Insurance

We Insure NYC - Brooklyn - Queens - Westchester - Long Island - The Hamptons

We Are A Full Service Insurance Agency

Our client’s interests, needs and wishes are the drivers for our personalized, consultative approach to insurance. We strive to offer comprehensive coverage at competitive rates for all types of risks in all locales and business spheres.

Our mission is to serve and protect our clients from a potential financial loss to their personal assets or business. We build long-lasting relationships with all of our clients and treat them like colleagues as we work together.

John Wiltshire Insurance strives to offer quality insurance coverage and professional service. As independent insurance agents in New York, Westchester, Long Island, and the Hamptons, we’ll research the top insurance carriers to find the best insurance rates and insurance plans for you. We do the insurance shopping and comparing for you to save you time and money. We have relationships with the largest most respected insurance carriers, which allows us the opportunity to shop our companies for the best rates, and best strategies for our clients, ensuring they have the most important feeling of all.



Homeowners Insurance
The insurance for the house is the most important insurance you will buy, it will protect probably the largest asset you have and works as a base for multiple other coverage’s, liability for other properties, off premises theft, and excess liability. It is the hub of your insurance package and when combined with the car insurance, ensures the family is covered in any event.

Auto Insurance
Insurance coverage attached to your car is a multi pronged entity, it covers your car of course but also covers people inside your car, the other car (or other peoples property) in the event you are considered at fault and you if the other car is uninsured or underinsured in the event they are at fault.

Condo & Co-op Insurance
There are slight differences in approaching cover for a condo or a co-op but they are basically the same animal in regards to insurance. You should always obtain a copy of the building “master policy”, this is the buildings insurance policy and covers the building itself, the liability and all common areas, like the lobby, corridors etc. The master policy is paid for by the unit owners through their monthly or annual dues or fees.

Renters Insurance
All people renting apartments or houses should have a renters policy, it is affordable coverage and essential to protect your personal belongings and to give you coverage if somebody is injured on the premises.

Excess Liability or Umbrella Insurance
Umbrella insurance is “asset protection” or “lawsuit defence protection”, it gives the insured an extra layer of liability coverage on top of the built in primary liability coverage on their home and/or car insurance.

Valuable Articles Insurance
This “worldwide” insurance covers your collections or just individual pieces that you want to insure in a more detailed way, on an itemized schedule. There is no deductible on this coverage.

Builders Risk Insurance
Builders risk coverage is a special type of contract that covers a house whilst under construction and is usually an endorsement to an in force homeowners policy. Sometimes, in the case of ground up construction for example, it is an annualized standalone policy.

Casualty (Liability) Insurance
Commercial general liability insurance is a comprehensive policy that covers claims of damage and injury caused by the business. It covers bodily injury, personal injury (including libel and slander), property damage, and advertising injury. This is generally bought as a standalone policy in conjunction with a property policy and the limits can be customized.

Excess Liability (Commercial Umbrella)
This coverage provides additional limits beyond an underlying commercial general liability policy. It requires that the underlying policy always be in force as it cannot function as an underlying policy as well. It can be customizable and limits up to $100,000,000+ can be purchased.

Contractor’s Liability Insurance
Most states mandate the purchase of a general contractor’s liability policy. Local townships and municipalities also often require local contractors to have this policy.

Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions)
This is coverage specifically tailored for a business that is sued by a client for professional negligence in some form or perceived act. It is called “medical malpractice” in the medical professions. It differs from a general liability policy in that it only defends a professional work complaint, covering nothing else.

Cyber Risk – Internet Liability Insurance
An ever increasing risk, especially for businesses that take personal information such as driver’s license numbers, credit card info, medical info, and/or social security numbers.

John Wiltshire Insurance Agency offers Personal Insurance products and services including Homeowners Insurance, Car Insurance, Condo & Co-op Insurance, Renters Insurance, Excess Liability, Umbrella Insurance, Flood Insurance, Excess Flood Insurance, Valuable Articles Insurance, Builders Risk Insurance, Workers Compensation and New York State Disability for Domestic Employees, Personal Watercraft Insurance, and Motorcycle Insurance. We offer Business owners insurance including Property Insurance, Casualty (Liability) Insurance, Excess Liability (Commercial Umbrella), Business Interruption & Extra Expense Insurance, Inland Marine, Contractor’s Liability, Professional Liability, Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, Surety Bonds, Workers Compensation, Cyber Risk Or Internet Liability Insurance policies. John Wiltshire Insurance Agency offers life insurance policies including Individual Whole Life, Individual Universal Life Insurance, Individual Term Life Insurance, Joint Life Insurance, Key Person Life Insurance, and Individual Disability Income Insurance. John Wiltshire Insurance Agency serves the greater New York City area including NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island or the Bronx, JWA has an Insurance policy customized for your needs. We also provide Insurance for Long Island, Westchester, and the Hamptons. JWA Insurance policies on Long Island, Westchester, and the Hamptons provide protection and peace of mind. Contact John Wiltshire Agency for all your Insurance needs in New York City including NYC, Brooklyn and Queens, Westchester, Long Island and the Hamptons.