Long term Care Insurance

Long term Care Insurance

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The statistics for the need of some sort of long term care are sobering, 60% of all 65 year olds and above will require long term care.

Long term care policies are designed to cover personal and custodial care in the event the insured is unable to care for themselves. It is NOT an extension of a health insurance policy or Medicare and Medicaid. It reimburses (up to a daily pre-selected limit) for services to assist in daily living needs, like bathing, dressing, walking or eating. It can be utilized in your own home, a care facility or a community organization.

The cost of the policy is predicated on the buyer’s age when buying, outcome of a medical exam, and the type and richness of the plan selected. In this complicated marketplace, JWA will find the right insurance plan at the right price and take all of the guesswork out of buying this coverage.

John Wiltshire Insurance Agency offers Long term Care Insurance for the greater New York City area. For Long term Care Insurance in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island or the Bronx, JWA has a Long term Care Insurance policy customized for your needs. We also provide Long term Care Insurance for Long Island, Westchester, and the Hamptons. JWA Long term Care Insurance on Long Island, Westchester, and the Hamptons provide protection and peace of mind. Contact John Wiltshire Agency for a Long term Care Insurance policy in New York City including NYC, Brooklyn and Queens, Westchester, Long Island and the Hamptons.